England, July 1464

It had been three years since Edward won the crown at the Battle of Towton, and despite this, he did not want to marry the French Princess, like it had been planned. During that morning, he rode his horse to Warwick Castle, to pay a visit to his cousin, Richard.

“Edward. It is good to see you, again.” Richard’s voice tone was rather calm that morning, as if he was waiting for Edward to ask him something.

“I have come here to ask for the hand of your daughter in marriage.” Edward said.

Richard was shocked. The peace treaty with France was almost done, but without a trustful marriage between Edward and the French princess, it could not be concluded.

On the other hand, his daughters would be close to the throne almost like in a blink of an eye. At 13, Anne was old enough to marry the 22-year-old Edward, who was known for his good looks and fair personality. “Anne would certainly like him”, Richard thought.

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